Three Core Services. Unlimited Possibilities.

Three Core Services. Unlimited Possibilities.


ABC is an integrated service providing individually or totally information and analysis on promotional activities – flyers, media, Facebook pages, In Store activities collected from a representative sample of retail Channels.


With a variety of filters –period, medium type, category chain, brand, offer, company through which the user can extract the exact data desired every time.

All data can be extracted to excel.

All material – pics, videos and audio can be easily viewed and downloaded.

1 and more, year back-data for all categories for the big retail “players” and Cash & Carry chains.


Monitor your competitor’s activities

Enables you to manage all data easily and up-to-date

Differentiate you from your competition

Includes all media types and...

Activates you!

We are active in recording digitally advertisements and publicity/news that integrates content across all Mass Media (Broadcast – Television & Radio, Print – Newspapers & Magazines and Online - Internet), as well as in Outdoor Advertising. We provide a comprehensive range of media monitoring services to our clients.


We offer integrated reporting solutions customized to our clients demands.
In particular:

  • Every user can set multiple criteria on the design of every required report.
  • Every user can choose among a variety of layouts for the deliverables – charts, graphics, combination of charts & graphics.

The user can get various analysis info through reporting tools:

  • The share of the categories in the retailers activities – totally or individually
  • The share of the brand or company in the product category
  • The pricing of each product/channel for all categories
  • The special offers/bundles for each product category/channel for all categories
  • Combination of multiple info of a category depicted in a single chart
  • Potential to adjust to any further requirements under any clients’ request

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